1. Winners

        1. Nezu Aymo Architects i.c.w. SUPERFLEX (NL)

          Power Toilets, Heerhugowaard 2010

          Serve & Facilitate

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          A nondescript grey box on a beach in Heerhugowaard contains public toilets modelled on those used by members of the United Nations Security Council in New York, as reconstructed from smuggled mobile-phone images. The project’s has a dual identity: a contemporary art installation that doubles as a functional toilet.



        2. Tatzu Nishi (JP)

          The Merlion Hotel, Singapore 2011

          Relax & Consume

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          For the Singapore Biennale, Tatzu Nishi wraps a tiny (but functional) temporary hotel around a famous city landmark: the Merlion statue. Thereby prompting viewers to look at the landmark and its urban environment in a new way, and to give observers of every rank and station the opportunity to “own” a piece of art for a brief moment in time.


        1. i29 interior architects (NL)

          Tribal DDB, Amstelveen 2011

          Concentrate & Collaborate

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          For the open-plan office of a creative company in the Dutch municipality of Amstelveen, i29 opts for the exclusive use of grey felt. A traditional material with a long history and the perfect choice for this project, felt generates warmth, good acoustics and privacy.


        2. March Studio (AU)

          Aesop Stores, Paris, Greville Street and Merci 2010

          Show & Sell

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          Using simple materials to inventive effect, March Studio achieves three surprisingly different interiors in a trio of Aēsop stores (two in Paris and one in Melbourne). The stores are almost a logical consequence of one powerful concept: the creation of a graphically developed space involving one natural material, one technique and the seamless incorporation of the product line.




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